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Custom Doors Melbourne

At Doors Galore, we simply know our doors. On visiting our showroom, you will be greeted, not only by a sales person, but a door expert who understands what doors are made of, how they are fabricated and assembled, their applications and the ability to identify the exact door system that meets your requirements.

When ordering your door, we ask questions and make recommendations. Some of the factors we discuss include:

  • Whether the door is internal or external.
  • The size of your door (Standard or custom).
  • Type of door system, ie, pivoting door, bi-folding, swinging, security door.. etc.
  • The type of material that would serve the application best.
  • Design and finish.
  • Glass panels type, colour and design (if any).
  • Structural make and surrounds, ie, door frame.
  • Overall door location, ie, surrounding wall colours, type of wall, frame.. etc.
  • Door furniture and locks, ie, handles, lock type.. etc.
  • Custom Doors Melbourne

Regardless of the price or budget you allocate to your door, these factors must always be considered to achieve the best possible door choice for your requirement.

DOOR APPLICATION (Internal - External)

An external door must be manufactured from material that is able to handle the varying temperatures between external natural temperature and the internal temperature of your home or commercial premises. At times, the difference could be up to 20 degrees, therefore, your internal or entry door must be able to withstand that variation. At the same time, it should provide with a high degree of privacy and meet the overall look of your structure both, internally and externally. An internal door must also meet certain specifications and must provide for temperature retention and visual and noise privacy.


A standard door size is the most common, however, there are situations where the structure of your premises was designed for varying door sizes, or, with shapes that are outside the common door shapes. In those circumstances a custom sized door will be required.


The design and finish of your door must be created and carried out to integrate well with other components in your home or premises. The choice of colour and type of finish relies largely on the surrounding visual structure of your home or office. The type and colour of staining is always best to done with tones that will make, not only your door, but the entire room, stylish and appealing.


Door handles, locks, closers and stoppers need to be chosen carefully to achieve functionality and visual appeal. Locks in particular are determined with the main door functionality into account. For example, a security door locking system will vary to an internal door such as a bathroom door. Handles and other furniture must also look as a natural fitting into the door itself and integrate well with the overall look of the door.

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Timber Doors Melbourne

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We are an independent timber door suppliers in Melbourne and have been in business servicing domestic, commercial and building and construction clients for over 20 years. We make, supply and install internal, external and security doors with and without glass panels. Pivoting, sliding doors, swinging doors and bi-folding door using top quality timber and MDF materials.
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